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Click to enlargeDaniel Burnham designed Washington's Union Station as the first piece of a grand city beautification masterplan. Union Station's timeless architectural beauty rid the Mall of a hodgepodge of ramshackle buildings and train tracks and gave the Nation's Capital a fitting railroad.

Click to enlarge Since its heralded opening in 1908, Union Station has been witness to much of this nation's twentieth century history. This grand Beaux Arts building has served as the arrival site for visiting dignitaries and has witnessed the tearful departure and joyous return of our armed forces during the major international conflicts of this century. And, for many, Union Station is a first memory of a visit to Washington, DC.

Click to enlargeThe Union Station Redevelopment Act of 1981 allocated funding for the preservation of this historic treasure, the restoration of its use as a passenger railway station and the establishment of a spectacular mixed use complex. The $160 million renovations completed in 1988 created grand and versatile special event sites - Columbus Club, East Hall and Main Hall - offering unique, private venues for dinners, receptions, luncheons, meetings and all manner of entertaining.

Click to enlargeSince opening its doors in 1988, Special Events at Union Station continues to earn a reputation for holding memorable events in a dramatic venue, managed by competent and creative professionals. Unique spaces and quality in-house services will make one's event one where the experience exceeds the expectation.